• Home Grown Virtual Reality. Straight Out Of Houston Texas

  • What we do

    We create virtual games and experiences for devices ranging from mobile to VR

    Wild World ; Nomad No Mercy (Adventure/Survival Game for VR)

    Wild World-Nomad No Mercy is a survival adventure game where you play as a clone stranded on a desolate military island filled with zombies and abandoned tech.

    Seek Meaning Or Seek Shelter?

    Build your own habitat or create settlements from scavenged parts.


    Encounter strange robots left to fend for themselves.


    Raid opposing settlements for their resources and make it your own



    Desire Den (Adult Game for PC, VR and Android)

    Desire Den is a scalie/furry themed swinger club simulator that includes versions for PC, VR and Android

    Desire Den features :

    -Standalone PC, VR and a Android versions included. Android version included in an APK for medium to high end Android devices. VR version also included in the VR folder


    -Full Roomscale Locomotion for VR. Walk around and gawk to your desire
    -VR Multiplayer (Random connection 4 players per room)
    -Interactable objects and characters. Pick up that can


    -Talk to the creatures in Desire Den with new Dialogue trees updated regularly


    -Easter Eggs and cool secrets. Maybe a dragon egg or two.
    -Physical naughty bits. Slap em if you see em.

    -Constant updates. We're gonna keep this party going

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